Playwright Diane Crotty – progress on her new play ‘Ship In A Bottle’

Belltable:Connect Fishamble Mentoring Programme – photo by Ken Coleman
Belltable:Connect Fishamble Mentoring Programme – photo by Ken Coleman

I’m not really a blogger by nature but the awesome Marketa requested a blog post on my progress, so here I go.


I’ve been in the middle of a really horrible insomnia jag, which means that a) I’ve started two new scripts,

  1. b) I’m currently designing a puppet version of the Bride of Frankenstein and c) MY HOUSE IS NOW SPOTLESS.

(Seriously, it’s so clean it’s starting to creep me out a bit). This is the sort of thing that happens every

winter; I finally get some free time after all the busyness of summer and my brain just goes, “Nope! No sleep for you! You made me work round the clock for months on end: it’s payback!”

And then I don’t sleep. Instead I clean and I work and I redesign iconic movie monsters, apparently.

On the other hand, this does mean that at least I get a lot of writing done. I’m currently working on a script called, “Ship in a Bottle,” which I heard read aloud for the first time at the last Belltable meeting. Hearing it read really helped because I hadn’t heard it spoken, which I normally would have arranged before now.

I’m editing the scenes I have as well as adding on more – I like to keep making progress if I can. I never know when a script will stall. So I’ll just keep digging away. That’s really all I can do.

That and clean my house, apparently.