The Hood, is a collaborative exploration by Mary Nunan and Jo Slade through text and movement/dance of the contemporary ‘Hoodie’ and the issues it raises, the challenges it presents to our understanding of the necessity for anonymity and for protection. Arising out of the creative process of writing and movement/dance our explorations,  to date, have opened up for us, interesting observations of how we interpret the ‘faceless’ individual, or the person whose face is barely seen, through choice or imposed. The fear/ terror, promise/ wonder we experience when such a person confronts us. Conversely, the hoodie may provide a sense of refuge or shelter, a safeguard from a society saturate with noise and image, which often alienates the most vulnerable individuals.

Commissioned by Belltable:Connect, supported by Limerick City and County Council Arts Office, in association with Limerick City Gallery of Art and Dance Limerick.