Theatre artist development programme, Belltable:Connect, with the support of the Arts Council, commissioned four new plays which have a connection with Limerick city and its people. Excerpts from these new works were shared with the audience on November 16th, 2019. Four 20-minute rehearsed readings of RED ARMY, PADDY MCGRATH’S DAUGHTER, MAM & LOVE & WOO and SHAM were presented by an ensemble of exceptional actors.

RED ARMY by Marie Boylan and Helena Close

Four ardent female Munster fans travel to Paris for the first match of the season. This reading will focus on the weekend and how it nosedives amid failing friendships and a failing team, culminating in a tragedy.

Cast: Joan Sheehy, Georgina Miller, Cora Fenton, Frances Healy | Director: Jean McGlynn


She’s sitting in a chair. Immobile, without voice, her eyes are sore, but she’s still here. We don’t quite know it, but, in fact she’s everywhere, now. All at once. She sees the overview, the outline, the design. She sees more than we do. We just need to find the key to her perspective.

Cast: Ann Blake, Pat McGrath | Director: Veronica Dyas

MAM & LOVE & WOO by Liam McCarthy:

A new play about evolving family dynamics within a rapidly changing urban environment. In this opening scene, Anna is worried about her son, Luke. He’s a loner and only getting weirder every day. Luke is worried about his mam, Anna. She hasn’t left her house in six weeks…

Cast: Georgina Miller, Brian Roche, Joan Sheehy | Director: Liam McCarthy:

SHAM by Paul Meade:

Peasant Slaves is a reimagining of Hamlet for the present day.  Elsinore in Limerick City.  The Prince is a young woman, a student in Dublin and she has returned for the funeral of her father.  He has been killed in a gangland shooting and he leaves behind a struggle for his crown.

Cast:Ann Blake, Brian Roche, Pat Ryan, Pat McGrath, Jane McGrath, Gill McNamara | Director: Paul Meade