We are delighted to partner again in 2018 with Limerick Fringe to offer a ‘Belltable:Connect Award’ to a production in the Limerick Fringe. The production can be in any artistic genre, as judged by Limerick Fringe judging panel. The winning production will be part of the Belltable season programme.

The Belltable:Connect Award includes a week’s use of rehearsal space, two-day get in and a three-day run in Belltable, within 18 months following Limerick Fringe 2018. The winning production will receive a guarantee of €3,000 for the Belltable run.

What the winning production will receive from Belltable:

  • one week (Mon-Sat) of rehearsal space in Belltable Hub.
  • 2-day get in to Belltable space – access to all technical equipment available in Belltable and one technical person to oversee/assist the get in.
  • 3-day run (preview-opening-run) of 3 performances. When the nature of the production significantly limits audience capacity, multiple performances per day will be scheduled upon mutual agreement.
  • Guarantee of €3,000 for the above run.
  • Inclusion in Belltable/ Lime Tree Theatre brochure.
  • Marketing and PR support.
  • Poster/flyer distribution.
  • Online, over the phone and in person booking system.

Total value of the award is €6,650.

What Belltable will expect from the winning production team:

  • Revive the production within 18 months of presentation in Limerick Fringe and not to have performed anywhere in Limerick City and County before the Belltable revival run.
  • Agree and sign a binding contract to present the production.
  • The production to be at the very best standard the team is capable of, in terms of design, direction, acting and producing.
  • The production to be original to you and/or all rights to present the piece to be secured by you.
  • Provide the production in its entirety – scenery, costumes, lx plan, sound, etc.
  • Posters and flyers designed and overprinted with Belltable details delivered to us for distribution, in quantities requested.
  • You to manage your own get in and get out – we provide one technical person for supervision only (we can source technical people for you if needed, but you would need to cover their cost).
  • Source any technical equipment not available in Belltable.
  • Get out on the evening of the final performance.

Performance dates:
Dates will be mutually agreed. Belltable’s programme seasons are January-May, June-August and September-December. Belltable programmes 8 months and more ahead. The winning production will be offered several options in terms of dates, to be able to chose the timeframe that suits best.

Who the award is not suitable for:
Artists who are not planning on further revivals and/or touring.
Works of site-specific and offsite nature.
Artists who only want to work on box office split.